Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten - Now Enrolling for 2023-2024

Welcome To Transitional Kindergarten

  • Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is the first year of a two-year kindergarten program.  TK provides an early childhood education program that builds a bridge between preschool years and traditional Kindergarten.

    ELIGIBILITY: Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is designed for students who turn 5 years old between September 2 and April 2 for the 2023-24 school year or between September 2 and June 2 for the 2024-25 school year. TK is ideal for students who may benefit from an enriched foundational early childhood education program to prepare them for success in traditional Kindergarten.  Pursuant to law, EC 48000(c)

    SCHOOL SITES (click on the address to see its location in Google Maps)

    At this time, Altadena Elementary, San Rafael, and Sierra Madre do not have TK programs. Families who live nearest these schools may contact the Office of Enrollment to request a nearby TK program.

    TK programs have limited class sizes. If a space is not available at a student's neighborhood school, families may contact the Office of Enrollment to request a nearby TK program.    

    Transitional Kindergarten means the student will be in a Kindergarten program for two years. Students may attend their assigned school or participate in Open Enrollment to request another school or a Dual Language Immersion Program. Students attend transitional kindergarten for one year; after that, they go to kindergarten.

    For kindergarten the following year, promoting transitional kindergarten students may:
    (1) opt to continue in the same school/program*
    (2) register to attend kindergarten at their assigned neighborhood school, or
    (3) apply via lottery during Open Enrollment for another PUSD campus or program.
    *Students transitioning from preschool to kindergarten must apply to attend a kindergarten school or program if that school/program is not the student's neighborhood school. 

    The Benefits of Transitional Kindergarten

    • Children are better prepared to succeed.
    • Families have an additional option to ensure their children enter kindergarten with the maturity, confidence and skills they need to excel.
    • Schools benefit because children will be better prepared to succeed academically and less likely to be placed in special education or held back in later grades. 

    As a Parent, What Do I Need to Know?

    • Transitional Kindergarten is taught by credentialed teachers from the K-12 system, which now includes Transitional Kindergarten.
    • Transitional Kindergarten is part of the public school system and free for families. 
    • ENROLLMENT: Contact the Office of Enrollment for TK locations with available spaces for the 2023-24 school year, or visit the Open Enrollment page for information on enrollment for the 2024-25 school year.   

    Is there an after-school program for Transitional Kindergarten?

    精东影业LEARNs serves students in grades K-8. Transitional Kindergarten students may participate in the program if space is available. Contact the LEARNs Site Coordinator at your child's school for more information. Click here to find out more about LEARNs.


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    TK Program Questions  

    Lindsay Lewis
    (626) 396-5762 Ext. 10079
    Department Email: earlychildeducation@pusd.us

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    TK Enrollment

    Office of Enrollment:
    Annie Jananian
    District Registrar - Enrollment & Permits
    (626) 396-3639 ext. 88343
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                    ????? ???????

    Patricia Ceniceroz
    Program Assistant- General Questions
    (626) 396-3639 ext. 88342
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