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  • Our Purpose
    The 精东影业 Unified School District’s Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development department is driven by a commitment to prepare our students for college and career opportunities.  We support student success by developing and refining curriculum, in conjunction with providing professional growth opportunities to our staff to ensure quality instruction for every child. 

                                                             Guiding Principles and Core Practices of PUSD

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  • Helen Hill, Assistant Superintendent
    Education Services

    626.396.3600 x88205
    Dr. Shannon Malone
    Senior Director K-12 Schools
    626.396.3600 x88216

    Dr. Nadirah Nayo, Director
    Curriculum, Instruction, Professional Development & Ed Tech
    626.396.3600 x88211

    Jose Ortega, Coordinator
    Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development; Secondary Literacy & Dual Language
    626.396.3600 x88208

    Rebekah Black, Ed Tech Specialist
    Education Tech Integration TK-12
    626.396.3600 x88972

    Ashley Butler, Curriculum Specialist
    History/Social Studies  TK-12
    626.396.3600 x88463

    Carmela Ching, Curriculum Specialist
    Elementary Literacy & Dual Language

    626.396.3600 x88209

    Stephanie Cosey, Equity & Inclusion Specialist
    Cross Curricular TK-12
    626.396.3600 x88341

    Ella Farinas, Curriculum Specialist
    STEM Integration TK-12
    626.396.3600 x88214

    Jason Green, Ed Tech Specialist
    Education Tech Integration TK-12
    626.396.3600 x88985

    Kimberly Knudson, Curriculum Specialist 
    Mathematics TK-12
    626.396.3600 x88212


    General inquires can be sent to cipd@pusd.us

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