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    An important question we hear often from students is "When am I ever going to use this?"

    This question is central to our mission for our College and Career Academies.

    It is vital that learning be as practical as possible to best prepare for college, career, and life.

    The mission of the College and Career Academies is to ensure all students have the skills, attributes and experiences that will prepare them for college, career and life.  The key to our success in these endeavors is student, faculty, business and community involvement in creating a vital and stimulating learning environment.

    The  Academies of PUSD give students a choice of more than 9 different academies within the 4 high schools.  Each Academy prepares students for college and career and are aligned with college entrance requirements, industry needs, and career projections.

    The College and Career Academies will :

    • Provide the smaller, personalized environment of small schools.  
    • Utilize a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching.  
    • Engage with businesses to solve real-world problems for authentic learning.



    No matter what road you take, our College and Career Academies will lead you to success! It’s your journey and the path is yours to choose. For more information, visit our College and Career Academies page by clicking on the button below. 

    PUSD College and Career Academies